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Фильм keep watching 2018

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Keep Watching is a 2017 American horror film directed by Sean Carter and written by Joseph Dembner. It was produced by Nicolas Chartier, Andrew Rona, Alex Heineman, Craig J. Flores, Michael Fiore, and Joseph Dembner. It stars Bella Thorne, Ioan Gruffudd, Natalie Martinez, Chandler Riggs, Leigh Whannell, Matthew Willig, and Christopher James Baker.

The film was released on October 31, 2017, by Screen Gems for Halloween night and later, on DVD.


The film starts as a young girl is being attacked. The next morning, news reporters interview people who had seen the murder through their devices, not knowing it was real and a news reporter says that one of the family members is missing.

Jamie, a teenage girl and her family come back home from a 10 day vacation, not knowing that cameras have been set up in every corner of the house. Later that night, Adam the father, gets an unexpected visit from his brother Matt. Matt comes over and asks for a place to sleep the night, Adam agrees but his new wife Olivia isn't as happy about it. Matt talks with Jamie and she says that she isn't fond of her new step mom Olivia, thinking that she's trying to replace her real mother, but Matt assures Jamie that she has nothing to worry about.

Jamie Skype calls her boyfriend, Josh and she is about to tell him she might be pregnant but backs out and ends the call. When everyone gets ready for bed, Matt goes outside to look for his phone, when hears strange noises coming from the backyard, he is attacked and presumably killed with a hook. A man called The Terror sneaks in the house and takes everyone's phone then seals all the windows outside, waking up Olivia.

Adam goes downstairs to see what the noise is and finds a flashlight with a bow on it. When he goes into the kitchen, a photo of someone standing behind him is taken and he is smothered to death with a plastic bag in front of everyone. Jamie, her brother DJ and Olivia barracate themselves in Olivia's bedroom and they find that the family has been watched for months without anyone knowing, Jamie especially, they then discover that they have to either attempt to kill The Terror or they die. As the remaining family members try to look for a way out, they are attacked by another intruder and they all hide in the basement, where a knife with a bow on it is discovered.

Police are heard but DJ soon realises that it is a recording. Josh comes to the house and is filmed being killed by suffocation with a running hose. Olivia finds a way out of the house and by the gate, she finds a red X taped on the ground.

Matt finds her but is quickly killed with an axe just as Olivia escaped as a van pulls up, she climbs in the back and is attacked again. DJ is locked in a room while Jamie is attacked. She finds a red X and uses a taser she found earlier in her room on the intruder and DJ kills the intruder with a sewing needle and they unmask the intruder revealing it to be the girl that was reported missing from the family in the last murder.

Thinking they are safe, Jamie and DJ look around and find Olivia's body and Jamie's positive pregnancy test and videos of her mother and father with baby Jamie. Soon after, they discover that people all over the world are watching and Jamie tries to tell them to call the police but is bleeped out so no one will know where she and DJ live. Jamie finds a mask with a bow on it and both her and DJ plan to escape.

While walking around the house, they find The Terror, Jamie pours gasoline on him and DJ throws a lighter on him, setting the house on fire in the process. Jamie and DJ escape only to be captured by Creator and The Terror who survived. They discover that the girl they killed was the missing member of the previous family, kidnapped and told to aid them in attacking Jamie and her family. The creator tells Jamie that if she aids them, her brother will be safe. The Creator tasers Jamie and says that she will have the online audience keep watching.


Originally titled Home Invasion,[4] the screenplay was developed by former Silver Pictures executive Alex Heineman (Partner, The Picture Company) with screenwriter Joseph Dembner.[5] In early 2013, Producer Michael Fiore and Director Sean Carter developed and filmed a sequence from Dembner's script in coordination with the producing team at Silver Pictures and Dembner. That demo secured Sean Carter's role as director on the feature version.[6] In April 2013, Voltage Pictures secured the rights to the screenplay. In July 2013, Bella Thorne was the first confirmed name, announced as the lead role, Jamie.[7] In September 2013, Natalie Martinez was also confirmed.[8]Ioan Gruffudd and Chandler Riggs completed the main cast in October.[4] The film began filming in Altadena, California in late November 2013.[9][10]


In October 2015, Screen Gems acquired distribution rights to the film, changing the title from Home Invasion to Keep Watching.[11][12] The film was originally scheduled to be released on December 2, 2016.[13] It was released for one night on October 31, 2017.[14]

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Фильм keep watching 2018
Фильм keep watching 2018

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